cold gear clothing

POLAR SERIES - Thermal, fast wicking, warm base layer fabric similar to the Original Under Armour Cold Gear 4.0.

SUB-ZERO SERIES - Base Layer and/or mid layer weighs over a pound for the coldest weather conditions. It traps more warm, dry air in between multiple layers.

Mens Thermal Underwear

heat gear clothing for hot weather and sun protection

UV / SUN PROTECTION - Featuring UVEIL with SPF/UPF 50+. It blocks 97% of UV rays without chemicals so it won't wash out.

QWIK WICK - Polypropylene fabric wicks & dries way faster for the best hot weather moisture management.


all season clothing made in usa

COMPRESSION GEAR - For training or other applications comes on light and mid weights in Men's & Women's training gear.

 BAMBOO - Super soft, it works like wool. It can absorb 30% of it's weight in moisture and stay dry while resisting bacteria & fungus. 


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Our Story,

We started in the Snow Sports industry and specialize in base layers, cold weather gear and high performance fabrics. Our niche has always been moisture management for first layer apparel and we pride ourselves in innovative and high performance fabrics that work to keep you more comfortable for a a wider variety of applications.

We actually make most of the products we sell. We sew from scratch and do all of our design and production in house here in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

We thrive in cold weather activities such as Ski & Snowboarding, Snowmobiling, Ice Fishing, Running, Hunting or any cold weather activity.

We also make running apparel, training gear and sportswear for any activity ranging from intense to casual life style apparel.