POLAR fabric is an 8.0 oz. per square yard, brushed, knit jersey similar to the original Under Armour Cold Gear 4.0. This means is is the same weight & style of the original recipe, and wicks & dries the same as what they sell for much more. There is a variety of 4.0 knits since then that may look different but we are comparing it to the weight class of 8 oz..


This is 2 layers of the Polar Series. It works well because it is able to trap more, warm air in between layers yet breathable enough so it won't easily overheat while wicking very fast. This weighs over a pound as is a very warm base layer. It can also be used as a base layer and mid layer in one.

polypropylene base layer cothing

Qwik Wick is unique because it is a very light, 2 layer fabric system with polypropylene inside. It both wicks & dries way faster than the competition so its ideal for heaving sweating and hot weather.

bamboo base layer clothing

Bamboo can retain about 30% of its weight in moisture and still can retain warmth in the same way wool socks can still be warm with sweaty feet. It also naturally resists bacteria, mold and fungus to fight odor. We had this fabric custom made for us with a little recycled polyester to make it stronger and wrinkle resistant with 5% spandex for a

sun protection clothing

Sun protection fabric featuring UVEIL. It works by creating virtual shade even when stretched in direct sunlight. It blocks 97% of UV rays for a rating of UPF 50.

minnesota clothing made in minnestota

We also make Limited Edition Minnesota apparel as well is small batches so often these don't all make it online, however, you can follow us on Facebook to see recently made things and also so what local events we may have these items at.


FITTED - Slight stretch to fit. Not Squeezing but close to a second skin, but not all the way. It is used on the Polar Series and the Bamboo under shirts. Fits well as a base layer.

TAPERED - Cut close to the body but no stretch to fit. Typically used in items that don't have quite as much stretch such as the SUB-ZERO Shirt and Pant, or Athletic cut items like the 1/4 Zip & some tee shirts.

REGULAR COMPRESSION - Stretches to fit all over and does fit like a second skin. It offers support for soft tissues and moisture management. Use a smaller size for more compression.

TRUE COMPRESSION - Tighter fitting Compression garments like the TRUE, MAXFIT or PRO items when available. 

LOOSE FIT - Regular, standard fitting items like our basic mens tee shirt or regular Hoodie to be worn under another item.

OVERSIZED - Loose item cut 1/2 size bigger like the SZ HOODIE designed to wear as an outerwear piece.



RETURNS- 30 days, same as cash. No Return Authorization required. Simply send back any item for any reason for a full refund including original shipping. Just include a basic note with order number or any info to help us process your request in 30 days.

EXCHANGES - Either contact us for make arrangements  to swap out items or send any desired items back within 30 days  with a note to help us process exchanges.

PRODUCT GUARANTEE - We stand behind  the quality of our products so please inform us of any products defects so we can try to make it right. We  will work with  you to replace any items with issues.


Generally we suggest machine wash in cold water / line dry for best care. Typically polyester does not shrink which most of our products are, but not all. Bamboo, Wool and Polypropylene can shrink with high heat. Do not iron these items. The dryer is hard on clothing. Never put your tuxedo, delicate or favorite items in the dryer. 

We recommend using baking soda and white vinegar for extra cleaning power and to help control any odor. You can also use bleach in most of our products, however, it can turn white polyester items yellowish so consider this please. Just a cap full in a small wash it all it takes to kill bacterial, mold and fungus. Wool and Bamboo naturally resist bacteria, and Qwik Wick has silver ionized yarn to resist bacteria. Both are very effective but not 100% perfect. Our fabrics are quite dry when the come out of the spin cycle. Sunshine can also kill bacteria and freshen up laundry as well.


Here are some general guidelines on some of our items below. Keep in mind that "warm" or "cold" is subjective, opinionated and relative to what your body is acclimated to. A person in Alaska may have a different perspective than someone in Arizona.

LIGHT WEIGHT - Bamboo, Qwick Wick, Light Weight polyester and Sun Protection Factor clothing are right around 4 ounces per square yard. These are intended to be worn alone in hot weather, as a base layer in cool weather or used as a series of layers in cold weather.

MID WEIGHT - The Polar Series is 8.0 ounces per square yard and many do consider this a heavier weight compared to what else is on the marketplace, but, because we specialize in cold weather gear we do have warmer options as well. This is the same weight category as the Under Armour Cold Gear 4.0, which rates this for 0-50 degrees F. We also put our Wool socks and compression cold gear in the mid-weight category although they are lighter than the Polar Series.

HEAVY WEIGHT - This includes the SUB-ZERO base layer which works for below zero applications and/or dubs as a mid layer for warmer than that applications. It weights over a pound. 

The super fuzzy hood and SZ Mask are also considered heavy and warmer as well.


We have been collecting product reviews for well over 10 years on market places like eBay and Amazon. Here is a link to our REVIEW page and feel free to check out what customers have been saying. We would love to know what you think and what product improvements can still be made. We are always striving to make improvements and improve our quality every year and some customer input does come from recommendations from users like you!


Because we actually make most of our own apparel from scratch, we can help you with your own projects and / or help you with custom GO Athletic Apparel for your team or organization. Contact us with the details of your goals and see how we can help! We can also assist with sourcing things like Trucker Hats and price point beanies and apparel as well.

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